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Empathy Revolution: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Heart

This webinar is to learn about EMPATHY. Not the ‘compassion’ type of empathy. But the empathy that is a perception: our brains reading the emotions of others and then making the same emotions happen in our own body. [yes, emotions are physical]We’re dealing here with the EMPATHY FUNCTIONthat no one knew existed until recent discoveries in neuroscience revealed what it is, and how POWERFUL it is.I’m a psychologist but also a physiologist / biochemist. In my 25 years giving psychotherapy, I’ve realised that this empathy function can overwhelm us, use up much too much energy, make us disoriented when we are trying to communicate clearly with another and even cause emotional burnout. But, we aren’t even aware of it!Our entire society needs to wake up to how the empathy function works – in both its positive and negative forms.In this group I want to educate about the empathy function and share some of my methods that have been helping my individual clients during the last 25 years.Show how can we stay grounded and centered when our brain is overloaded with other’s emotions, fears, anger.And, I need to learn from you. I need your help to find out* how do you live with your empathy?* what methods are really helpful for you to better use your empathy for deep connection with others?* what methods help to prevent so much empathy from overwhelming or exhausting you?Together, let’s learn❤️❤️❤️ how to avoid EMPATHY BURNOUT and❤️❤️❤️ how to set boundaries with a full loving heart.so we can start an EMPATHY REVOLUTION ❤️ together! 

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